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The family is always pestering you for faster internet so they can game, stream music and binge-watch without interruption. But when it comes to finding broadband to suit everyone, how are you supposed to know what good internet speed for home use actually are? 40Mbps is recommended for multiple users, but it depends on exactly what the internet is being used for. We’ll outline the internet speeds you need for different activities to help you find the connection you need.

What Are You Using the Internet For?


House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad - the list of incredible television shows goes on and on. Whether you’re watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky on Demand, BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub, the last thing you need is a drop in picture quality just as you’re starting the season finale.

For standard definition video streaming, you’ll need around 3-4Mbps, but it’s more likely you’ll be watching in high definition. This requires 5-8Mbps to make sure the video picture is perfect and doesn’t stutter.

If you’re watching the weekend’s big football match in Ultra HD, you’ll need 25Mbps. This is too much for some households whose broadband connections are denying them those incredible live moments in perfect clarity.


If you’re a keen gamer, then you know all too well how frustrating it is to deal with lag when playing an online multiplayer game. A poor internet connection can be the difference between a victory royale and a last-minute loss.

The more gamers you have in the household, the better internet connection you need. Speed isn’t actually the most important factor of an online gaming experience, but you’ll need around 3Mbps to play without issues.

Some gamers don’t just need a fast internet connection to play the game, they’ll also use voice chat apps like Skype to talk with their friends. Playing and chatting at the same time can put a significant strain on the bandwidth.

Social Media

General browsing on the internet and social media doesn’t require fast broadband. Even the most standard of connections will easily be able to cope with devices that are using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If someone in the house is live streaming or video calling a friend or family member, then you might notice a drop in quality. FaceTime and Instagram Live require a faster internet speed for high-quality calls.

Similarly, Skype needs around 1.5Mbps in order to provide smooth video calls in HD. Skype will work at around 0.5Mbps but you can expect a poor-quality call that might be interrupted.


It’s hard to enjoy the hottest new albums or the classics when the sounds stutters and buffers. Spotify and other popular music streaming services need around 0.5Mbps to be able to function. To avoid any drops in quality or connection, we’d recommend around 2Mbps.

If you’re enjoying the latest music videos on YouTube, then you’ll need 5Mbps to watch in HD. 4K videos are now available to watch on YouTube if you have the equipment that can cope. To enjoy incredible picture quality in 4K you’ll require 20Mbps.


The faster the network, the quicker the files download. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re downloading movies to watch, a new video game to play or just some files you need for work, you don’t want to have to wait hours for it to be ready.

You might be in the habit of setting a film to download around lunchtime so that it’s ready for an evening viewing. With ultrafast broadband, you’ll be able to watch the same film just in seconds, rather than hours.



On their own many of these activities don’t require ultrafast broadband, but once a few of them are used simultaneously, it’s easy to see why your current connection might struggle.

You want to watch Netflix while your partner is upstairs watching the football. The kids are playing Fortnite, FaceTiming their friends and listening to Spotify. Everyone wants a fast connection but there isn’t enough to go around.

It usually means a drop in quality for everyone. You’re sat looking at the buffering wheel waiting for the show to start and they’ve been defeated in Fortnite because they lagged at the worst possible time.

It’s a common scenario for many households and usually leads to frustration and arguments as each person believes they’re the most deserving of the internet. There is a solution. Rural homes now have access to fast broadband, making those arguments a thing of the past.


Ultrafast Broadband for Rural Homes

Just because you live in a rural area doesn’t mean you should have to deal with a poor internet connection. Gigaclear provides ultrafast broadband in rural communities, helping families to enjoy a fast connection without any of the buffering.

We’ve put together a handy eBook that’s packed with everything you need to know about our ultrafast broadband. Get your free copy now by using the download link below.

Whilst we put together the last touches to our free eBook, why not take a look at our guide about enjoying better entertainment thanks to better broadband?

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